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People pleasing

Rumination. A constant state of worry


Do you find yourself constantly worrying? Do you beat yourself up about something you’ve said to someone and worry you’ve somehow offended them? Are you always focussing on what you’ve done wrong, should have done better or never ‘get right’? Do you spend hours reading and re-reading texts, wondering what their ‘true’ meaning is? If […]

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The Triple Bind

The Triple Bind

What is the Triple Bind and how is it tying our daughters’ hands? There’s a problem facing young women today and it’s creating a generation of us who are becoming crippled with anxiety and depression and resorting to an array of unhealthy coping mechanisms to get through each day. Psychologist Dr Stephen Hinshaw calls it

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People pleasing and your authenticity

Why people pleasing could be robbing you of your authenticity

Have you ever laughed at a joke that wasn’t funny? Said yes to something you didn’t want to do? Smiled and even agreed when someone insulted you? Or truly believed other people’s feelings are more important than yours?  These behaviours are just a few examples of people pleasing, a learnt behaviour that becomes an unconscious

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