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The Triple Bind

What is the Triple Bind and how is it tying our daughters’ hands?

There’s a problem facing young women today and it’s creating a generation of us who are becoming crippled with anxiety and depression and resorting to an array of unhealthy coping mechanisms to get through each day. Psychologist Dr Stephen Hinshaw calls it The Triple Bind and it could explain your daughter’s behaviour – or even your own.

Triple bind and its unrealistic expectations

How does the Triple Bind Work?

  1. Society still expects girls and women to take on the traditional role of carer. We must act kind and sweet, be empathic and caring. We must be a good mum, daughter, sister, carer, friend.
  2. But young women are also expected to take on more masculine attributes, like be a star athlete/ get straight A’s/have a career.
  3. We’re also expected to adhere to narrow beauty standards – in other words, look hot, be sexy, stay slim.
Triple bind consequences

How does this affect our girls?

These unrealistic and exhausting expectations are creating girls who feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and in some cases, suicidal. Girls are resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as self-harm, OCD, eating disorders, substance abuse and violence. We tell our girls they can do anything but are we really saying they have to do everything?

If you can identify with any of these pressures, either in yourself or in someone you care about, you don’t need to suffer alone. Book your first session with The Inspired Mind and together we can find healthy ways to cope and boost your well-being.

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