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My Healing Journey

Learn the Inspired Mind Approach to healing with your own workbook & journal

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Start connecting with your authentic self

With so many of us carrying unhealed trauma, it’s no wonder we find it hard to be kind and care for ourselves. After many years working with counselling clients, I have distilled the key elements of my approach into My Healing Journey journal so you can stop abandoning yourself and start connecting with your true, authentic self.

Start working towards the person you were always meant to be.

  • Stop people pleasing – start understanding how much it is hindering your daily life, boundaries and sense of self.
  • Connect with your true self – reconnect with your emotions and needs and bring more self-awareness into your life.
  • Self-care and self-kindness – discover how you can replace negative self-beliefs and reframe your thoughts to be more kind, accepting and encouraging.
  • Daily Reflections – over 130 pages of prompted daily reflections and self-care pages that encourage you to track and maintain your progress.
  • Psychology based approaches – your workbook and journal combines a range of counselling and psychology-based approaches that can create lasting changes.
Wellness journal by The Inspired Mind
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Wellness Journal
Wellness journal for growth

"I have worked with clients who use my journal on a daily basis to assist in their healing & growth - only to see them exceed their own expectations." Kirrilly

Give yourself permission
to heal & grow

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